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Children's Allergies: 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Child From Becoming Allergic


As many as 40 percent of children in the United States are allergic to something. While most allergies are mild, some can be severe and may prove to be life-threatening. Typically, children develop allergies within their first two years of life. What you do during those vital first few months plays a huge role in allergy development. Exposing your children to certain substances may even help your child avoid allergic reactions later in life. Following are five ways you can keep your child from developing allergies.

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A Look at Common Misconceptions About Allergy Injections


In the United States alone, about 50 million people have some type of nasal allergy. For a lot of years, the primary form of allergy treatment was through oral medications that counteracted the allergic reactions to certain triggers. However, immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots is now a highly efficient way to treat allergies in adults and children.

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